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Step-in Shield Bundle of 6 Pairs
A unique design, the STEP-IN SHIELD is incredibly easy to slip on and off your shoes, providing an extra layer of protection against dirt, dust, and moisture. Sold as a pair, these shoe covers are water-resistant and effortless to clean, ensuring that they'll last you for many uses to come. The polyurethane material covers the entire shield, with a flexible synthetic leather bottom and a top layer made of strong nylon. With a thin coat of polyurethane on the top layer, cleaning and stain resistance are a breeze. Protect your shoes with the durable and practical STEP-IN SHIELD. 


$299.94 Regular Price
$269.95Sale Price
  • One size fits all to a mens size 13, some size 14 will work. Please e-mail for any question's regarding sizes if you have a very large or small shoe size.

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