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In early 2015, a vision was realized after breaking the
backs of so many work shoes. Something had to be done about this. The simple solution would have been to just accept the limited option of shoe covers and struggle to put them on. This option could not be accepted, so a mission was formed: Floors needed to stay clean and shoes needed to stay on.

After many tough months of failed designs and ideas that came up short, we started to see great potential in the idea and it finally started to become a reality. Long nights and never giving up resulted in a product we can be proud of and finally step-in! Step in Sock was born then renamed Step-in Shield to authenticate our brand with the real product!​

Step In LLC is excited to offer the first, fully self-sufficient, hands-free shoe cover.


The Step in Sock now STEP-IN SHIELD company has been created from the ground up. By sticking with hard work and showing passion for helping others, we offer an easier option for all service industries.


The idea of Step-in Shield is exactly how the name
describes it; our company has a passion for providing the easiest way to step into a shoe cover and having it
automatically hold onto your show, allowing for an easier and faster day of work.

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