Product Description

All products are usually not in stock and need to be made, the shipping time is from our carrier and it does not include the time it takes to make the cover. Please understand that we experienced a major increase in orders in a short amount of time and we are working hard to increase production. 

Step in sock -One Size- 

12 inches wide by 17 inches long

Fits shoe sizes from 13 and below


PU top is short for polyurethane which is similar to a rubber clove

the PU coating gives the cover a easy clean waterproof finish

The synthetic leather is not real leather so it doesn't dry up and get slick, it stays strong with a texture with great grip

All covers have impressive traction to the ground, you will find outstanding grip with our covers.

These covers have been tested for 6 months and held up strong when taken care of. These covers are not toys and we suggest not to be played with by children, when not used correctly it can weaken its mechanics or result in spring malfunction

Our large size is currently not available please check back soon for availability.  

Bottom layer (light vinyl)
Bottom layer (Heavy vinyl)
Bottom layer (Heavy vinyl)