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Product Description


All products are usually not in stock and need to be made, the shipping time is from our carrier and it does not include the time it takes to make the cover. Please understand that we experienced a major increase in orders in a short amount of time and we are working hard to increase production. 

STEP-IN SHIELD -One Size Fits all- 


When Open- Cover Dimensions 

12.5 Inches Wide

18 Inches Long

When Closed- Cover Dimensions

The shoe cover conforms around your shoe and

takes the dimensions of the user's footwear.

Fits shoe sizes from 13 and below

(Size 14 may not work depending on the type of footwear)


The PU top is short for polyurethane which is similar to a

rubber glove or raincoat.

the PU coating gives the cover an easy-clean waterproof finish.

The synthetic leather is not real leather so it doesn't dry up and get slick,

it stays strong with a texture that has a great grip.

All covers have impressive traction to the ground for safety, you will find outstanding grip with all of our covers.

STEP-IN SHIELD has been tested for 6 months and shown to hold up well when taken care of. These covers are not toys and should not be played with by children, when not used correctly it can weaken its mechanics or result in spring malfunction

Fabric Colors
Bottom Layer Color: Black
This layer is composed of luxurious synthetic leather.
Top Layer
Color: Black
This Layer is composed of durable nylon that is coated with a thin layer of polyurethane, making it water-resistant and simple to clean. 
All Machine Stitched
Color: Top-
            Bottom- Black
The two layers are bound together using a high-quality polyester thread, accurately sewn together by a machine.
Spring Metal
Type: Stainless Steel

Our covers are enclosed with the best spring metal possible. Our stainless steel has been tested to find the correct balance of strength and durability that will allow for over 3,000 uses. 
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