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Residential Contractor and Services

Speed up time and safety while focusing on keeping your hard work clean.

Delivery Services/ Movers

Walk with your delivery straight from a vehicle without setting the delivery down. 

Home Health Care


Focus on your patients without worrying about trailing in any unwanted substances that leave a mess.


Transition from working on an outside system to inside easier. Having a hands-free cover makes it so you don't have to drop the tools.   

Home Inspectors

Enjoy the benefits of no longer sitting on the floor or balancing on one foot when juggling a shoe cover.

Utility and Cable Services

The weather doesn't always have our best interest in its plans so don't get stuck with dirty shoes.

Pests Control

Go in and out of the house easily to catch those unwanted pest.


Have a lab? Make it easier to get in and out for a more efficient day. 


Cover you athletic shoes or cleats when you're not on the playing stage. Bowl without falling over everything your shoe picks up from the bar.

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