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Order Delivery Information


- Due to being Featured on CBS Innovation Nation, we experienced a lapse in inventory with our shipments.

    - If you have not received a tracking number then you are guaranteed to have your order filled with the shipment that will land on April 16th, 2021.   


    - We will be booking all the deliveries in the month of March. As soon as our shipment lands, all orders will be filled and set to be shipped out within three business days.


    - Everyone who has an order number will receive a tracking number in the middle of April and shortly after you will receive your order.

    - We are doing everything in our power to speed up the process, a lot of the delays are due to covid shipping backups. It is possible that you will receive your tracking number sooner and get a sooner delivery date.

Future Orders

- We only have a limited supply and will mark the product as sold out when we reach the quantity that we are receiving in April. The next shipment may not come until June.

    - If it is marked as sold out and you would still like to make an order to receive the June shipment, e-mail and we can set up the order.

    - To avoid confusion, we are making sure anyone who makes an order while it is "sold out" knows that it could be until June before we can fill that order.

Thank you for understanding and we look forward to filling all the orders as soon as possible.

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